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    At present, traditional transportation of smaller bulk commodities in liquid, solid, granular and power form, is usually done with wooden or metal boxes and containers. These traditional packaging products are costly, heavy, difficult to assemble and recycle and occupy large storage space. LAF has developed Paper IBC made of corrugated paper which is environmental-friendly and because of its collapsibility it requires much less space during transportation and storage.
    • Capacity: 1000L
    • Loading/Unloading type: Top load top discharge, top load bottom discharge
    • Inner Bag: Food grade Low density polyethylene
    • Valve: 2” food grade valve
    • Accessories: Pallet and electric heating pad are available as optional
    One 20ft container can load max. 20MT with Paper IBC, loading 25% more volume than packing with drums (max. 16MT per 20ft container).
    Easy installation and operation, no need to change loading equipment, 1 person can finish installation within 1 minute.
    Sturdy and Durable
    One single Paper IBC could withstand 8000kg, could be stacked 3 times high for storage space saving.
    Environmentally Friendly
    All paper material used are fully 100% recyclable, no pollution to environment.


    Brochures and Specifications available upon request.

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