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Truck Flexitank


    « The Truck Flexitank is a new packaging that is suitable for long-distance transport of non-hazardous bulk liquid via motor vehicles. 
    « Technical Data:
            1) Volume: 15,000 to 24,000 litres (tailor-made capacity can be offered according to customer need and size of truck )
    2) Construction: 3 layers of food grade 115mic PE film + 2 layers of outer PP cover+ 3” valve top loading & top discharging together with a PE liner with 4 pieces of strong tension belts on flexitank body.
    3) Loading Temperature: -20℃-60℃
    4) Certificates: FDA, EC, HACCP, ISO9001:2008, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal.
    « Advantage
    1) Maximized payload to save freight: 15% more payload than IBCs; 44% more payload than drums; 50% more payload than bottles.
    2) Saving loading time, much faster than drums, bottles.
    3) Saving labor cost.
    4) No cleaning cost and recyclable.
    5) Collapsible, environmental friendly, strong impermeability and with good sealing.
    6) Easy to install, no need the forklift to load.
    7) Secure the tank with tension belts.
    « Truck Selection 
            1) Available for the trucks with length of 6.7m, 9.6m, 13m, etc. 
            2) It's better that the truck with high guard bars in both sides of the trailer. 
    « Protection Method
            1) Clean the floor of the trailer, avoid any dirty or protuberance.
            2) Fix cardboard, plywood or cystosepiment on the guard bars.
            3) Pave corrugated paper, plywood or cystosepiment on the truck floor to avoid any un-safe factors.
            4) Pave the PE liner on the fixed paper or plywood to do the double protection.
    « Case Study
            LAF Truck Flexitank are used a lot to transport Syrup, Superplasticizer and so on for long distance. In September, 2013, we ever loaded & transported Water Reducer from Qingdao (East of China) to Xinjiang, China (Northwest of China) with LAF 18KL trailer Flexitank. The length of truck is 13m, when loading, we put 2 sets of Flexitanks on the floor of the truck. The total transit time is 7 whole days, and running distance over 5500km. There is no any leakage during the transportation and the cargos were sent to destination safely. 
    Truck Flexitanks are designed to be used for overland transportation wherever shipping line containers cannot be used. It can be fitted onto a truck without needing a shipping container. 
    Before Truck Flexitanks, customers could only use Flexitanks for sea transportation but with Truck Flexitank overland transportation of bulk liquids by Flexitanks made possible. 

    Available in different sizes ranging from 14,000L to 25,000L as per the customers' demand. 

    Brochures and Specifications available upon request.